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Welcome to KFHS







KFHS was formed in 1938 and was originally composed of societies from Kent. Since 2001, however, several societies from East Sussex, and more recently clubs from Surrey and Greater London, have been welcomed, bringing our present membership to around 200 affiliated societies, clubs and organisations. There are also a large number of individual members, many of whom are enthusiastic Speakers and Judges involved in numerous horticultural and other related activities throughout the South East.






Things have changed beyond recognition since the foundation of KFHS. Although people now have far more leisure time, they also have the opportunity to use it in ways undreamed of by our forebears. However, gardening is as popular as ever, even though today's gardens tend to be smaller. KFHS is dedicated to supporting all those people involved in the many aspects of horticulture.






It attempts to do this in a variety of ways:



  Providing societies with up-to-date lists of Judges and Speakers

  Publishing newsletters, which endeavour to be informative

  Arranging a Summer Show held in conjunction with the Kent County Show at Detling, ME14 3JF, and an Autumn Show at Ditton Community Centre, ME20 6AH,

both providing additional Domestic and Craft competitions

  Organising a popular fund raising 100 Plus Club monthly draw

  By providing a Judges` Training Scheme, when requested

  To make this website available to all members and member societies so they may use it to publicise their events and activities

  By arranging occasional social events such as quizzes and members` days

  By maintaining a good relationship with specialist horticultural companies and societies in the south east

  Benefiting from KFHS's affiliation to The Royal Horticultural Society






If your society or club are not affiliated to KFHS and you would like to know more, we would be delighted to hear from you






To become a member (Society or Individual), please contact our Membership Secretary by phone: 01634 241781 or e-mail:






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