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Please check your post and look out for the Federation Renewal Forms and other correspondence.

Please return your completed forms as soon as possible to get your show schedules and 100 Plus Club numbers.

If you are not yet a member of the Federation and would like further information
please call the Membership Secretary

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Happy New Year to all Members &  Readers


History of the KFHS
Affiliated to the
Royal Horticultural Society

Kent Federation of Horticultural Societies was founded in 1938 to promote and support amateur horticulture throughout Kent and in more recent times societies and clubs from East Sussex, Surrey and Greater London have been invited to join us.

The famous World War II ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign encouraged British people to overcome food shortages by growing their own produce. The movement was so successful that parks and bomb sites were dug up and turned into vegetable patches. By the late 1940s there were an estimated 1.4 million allotment sites in the UK and Kent had an incredible active amateur gardening community. The total number of allotments across Britain today is estimated at around 300,000, a stark contrast to the 1940s, but although gardens today tend to be much smaller than years gone by, amateur gardening is still extremely popular.

Our members share common interests growing flowers, fruit and vegetables etc. and many like to show off their skills participating in the two Federation`s County Shows held in the Summer and Autumn each year. Not forgetting the Mini Spring Show held in conjunction with our Annual General Meeting in March.

Many affiliated organisations hold meetings where specialist Speakers are invited to attend giving expert advice on gardening and growing. The Federation produces a comprehensive list of Judges and Speakers list biennially to assist society secretaries when arranging these ever-popular events. Talks by speakers do not always have to centre around horticulture, as many topics can be found in this published booklet.

            If you would like further information or would like to become a member
 society or individual please contact us.


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