Godstone Gardeners` Club Surrey

Society Details


Mrs Sylvia Pocock
Phone: 01883 715627
Email: spocock01@icloud.com


Venue: White Hart Barn, Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8DU
Day(s): First Wednesday of month, ten meetings per year
Dates: Mar • Apr • May • Jun • Jul • Aug • Sep • Oct • Nov • Dec
Time: 20.00

Shows & Plant Sales 2023
Please see the Federation Shows and Sales Calendar page for further details.

May 13    Plant Sale
Sept. 16    Autumn Show



Diary 2023

March 1    Russell Bowes – Say it with Poison.
April 5    Spring Challenge with Hurst Green
May 3    Clive Garrett – History of the Lawn Mower
June 7    Darren Everest – Growing & Showing Sweet Peas
July 5    Garden Party
Aug. 2    Gordon Gillett – How to be Better Off in a Recession without having to Cut Back
Sept. 9    Richard Ramsey – Withypitts Dahlias
Oct. 4    Jacqueline Aviolet – Brussel Sprouts to Tangerines (Christmas Fruit & Vegetable Stories)
Nov. 1    Bob Evans – Strings of Pearls
Dec. 6    Annual General Meeting

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