Summer Show Schedule 2022

JUNE 26th
Ditton Community Centre
 Ditton, Aylesford,
ME20 6AH



Class 1. Members’ Choice (Societies only) 
Open only to Affiliated Societies and other organisations affiliated with the K.F.H.S. All exhibits must be either grown, or made, and contributed by not less than two members and must be entered in the name of the respective society. 

Choose and exhibit ANY FOUR from the following list. Each item or dish will receive a maximum of 10 points, with a further maximum of 10 points for presentation totalling 50 points overall.
The display must be presented within a green frame (provided), measuring 24in/60cm. x 30in/75cm. Minimal garnishing permitted.

a. A dish of five potatoes, any one cultivar.
b. A dish of vegetables, other than potatoes (See General Rule 12 for quantity)
c. A dish of fruit (See General Rule 12 for quantity).
d. A 1lb/454g. jar of preserve which may include jam, honey, marmalade or chutney, or a ½lb/227g. jar of any curd or jelly.
e. A mounted, painting or drawing illustrating a horticultural or wildlife subject or scene.
f. A baked exhibit.
g. An exhibit of handicraft.
h. A potted plant, flowering, fruiting or grown for foliage.
i. A KFHS show vase of flowers, one cultivar, any number of stems.
j. A decorative exhibit of garden grown flowers and foliage (own choice of container).


Class 2. “Five Kinds of Vegetables”, one specimen of each, to be staged in a frame measuring 15in/38cm x 15in/38cm. (provided). Each item will receive a maximum of 10 points. Large and small onions [250g. or under] allowed, long, and stump rooted carrots allowed. Standard and small-fruited tomatoes also allowed.

Class 3. “Kitchen Garden” A standard seed-tray (provided) of vegetables and/or fruit, number at exhibitor’s discretion. To be judged for quality and visual appeal.

4.   One dish of potatoes, white or coloured. 
5.   Onions, three.
6.   Shallots, exhibition, ten. 
7.   Shallots, pickling, ten – must not exceed 30mm. diameter.
8.   Peas, nine pods. 
9.   Carrots, three.
10. Broad beans, nine pods. 
11. French beans, nine pods.
12. Courgettes, three. 
13. Beetroot, globe, three – approx. 60mm. to 75mm. diameter. 
14. Any other vegetable. (See General Rule 12 for quantity).
15. Raspberries, twelve.
16. Gooseberries, nine.
17. Any other fruit, one kind. (See General Rule 12 for quantity).

Exhibiters please note: Display boards, plates and baskets etc. are now provided for all classes. 

Sweet Peas

Class 18.
Three Vase Class
three vases, 3 cultivars, 7 spikes of each.

Class 19.
Nine Spike Class
One vase of mixed sweet peas, not less than 3 cultivars, 9 spikes.

Class 20. Exhibitor’s Choice
One vase, one cultivar, chosen by the exhibitor, 7 spikes.

Class 21. Summer’s Bounty
A basket – 8in/20cm diameter (provided) of sweet peas, foliage permitted. Space allowed 18in/45cm x 18in/45cm To be viewed from the front and judged for quality and decorative effect.

22. One vase, any flaked, striped, picotee or bicolour, 7 spikes.
23. One 4in/10cm. bowl, ‘old-fashioned’ sweet peas, foliage permitted. To be viewed from        the front and judged for quality and decorative effect

Class 24. Novice Class
One vase, one or more cultivars, 7 spikes.

Exhibitors please note: The Novice section is open only to exhibitors who have not gained a First Prize for sweet peas at a National or K.F.H.S. County Show.

Exhibitors please note:
Unless otherwise stated sweet peas must be staged in 7in/18cm approx. show vases. All containers, labels and pins are available from the Show Committee. A neatly printed label, bearing the name of the cultivar/s should accompany every exhibit of sweet peas. This adds so much more interest for our visitors. 


Class 25. `The John Appleton Class`
Two vases – one vase six blooms large-flowered – one vase three stems cluster-flowered – one or more cultivars in each vase.

26. Three 7in/18cm. vases, one bloom in each vase – large-flowered.
27. One vase 7in/18cm. specimen bloom, large-flowered.
28. One vase, one cultivar, three-stages, large-flowered blooms. (One bloom bud stage –       one bloom perfect stage – one bloom full stage).
29. One vase, three stems, cluster-flowered, one or more cultivars.
30. One vase 7in/18cm. specimen stem, cluster-flowered.
31. A box (provided) of six miniature blooms in the perfect stage. Any cultivar/s.  

32. Novice Class – One vase, three stems or blooms, ant cultivars.

Exhibitors please note: The Novice section is open only to exhibitors who have not gained a First Prize for sweet peas at a National or K.F.H.S. County Show.

Exhibitors please note: Class 28 Three-stages; Stage in one vase, bud at top followed by perfect bloom, then full bloom.

Criteria: Bud to show colour with one or two petals beginning to unfurl above an open calyx. Perfect stage is half to three-quarters open; full bloom stage does not require stamens to show, but if seen, must be fresh and of good colour. A neatly printed label bearing the name(s) of the cultivar(s) should accompany every exhibit of roses. Visitors do like to know the names. 

Other Cut Flowers and Foliage

33. A vase of any cut flower, one cultivar, not scheduled, 3 or more stems.
34. A vase of lilium, three stems.
35. A vase of hosta foliage, not less than 12 stems, minimum 3 cultivars.
36. A vase of mixed garden flowers

Decorative Classes 

Class 37 . An informally arranged exhibit of cut, garden grown flowers and foliage staged for all round viewing. Space allowed 18in/45cm. x 18in/45cm. height unrestricted.

Exhibitors please note: Exhibitors may use their own containers for classes 37.


38. Pot plant or plants in bloom, excluding fuchsias and pelargoniums. Maximum pot size 10in/25cm
39. Pot plant or plants grown for foliage, maximum pot size 10in/25cm
40. Hosta, miniature, maximum pot size 7in/18cm
41. One cactus.
42. One pot, succulent or succulents.
43. One pan of sempervivum 


44. Fuchsia, bush or shrub, single or double, maximum pot size 7in/18cm.
45. Fuchsia, triphylla type, any size pot.
46. Fuchsia, a hanging pot or basket, maximum size 8in/20cm. (a suitable stand will be provided). 


47. Zonal pelargonium, bi-colour or tri-colour, maximum pot size 7in/18cm.
48. Regal or angel pelargonium, maximum pot size 7in/18cm.



49. A Battenburg cake approximately 7”/18cm. dia.
50. Quiche Larraine – size approx. 7in/18cm. dia.
51. Five Almond Slices.
52. Seven squares of fudge.
53. Five bread rolls.

54. Novice Class
      Five chocolate brownies.

Exhibitors please note: The Novice section is open only to exhibitors who have not gained a First Prize for sweet peas at a National or K.F.H.S. County Show.


White lids and labels. Cellophane tops for curds. 

55. 1lb/454g. jar of Seville orange marmalade.
56. 1lb/454g. jar of strawberry jam.
57. 1lb/454g. jar of any chutney or pickle.
58.  ½ lb/227g. jar of any jelly.
59.  ½ lb/227g. jar of lemon curd.


60.  Any needlework exhibit. Space allowed 15in/38cm  x  15in/38cm.

61.  An exhibit in a hard medium i.e. wood , metal , clay etc. Space allowed15in/38cm.  x  15in/38cm.


No entry fee for these age groups see Summer Show Regulations


Class 62.”Veggie Beast”
An animal made of vegetables to be displayed on a paper plate approximately  8in/20cm.

9 to 13 YEARS OF AGE 

Class 63.  A miniature garden displayed in a standard seed tray.



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